Issue: February 27, 2014

Dear readers of the Chico News & Review—

We have an interesting cover story this week, “Strong-arming the budget,” by contributor Dave Waddell, about the (some say too) high wages and benefits of members of the local Police and Fire departments.

Our lead news story this week, “Rosa Parks had a posse,” by Staff Writer Ken Smith, skates in under the wire for Black History Month (February); Smith’s story is well worth reading, as it offers interesting information on not only the local African-American community and how it has been celebrating, but also some lesser known historical information that is decidedly worth knowing.

The Greenways lead story this week, “Llano Seco drops organic label,” by frequent contributor Claire Hutkins Seda, is a particularly interesting one as well, as it is focused on Rancho Llano Seco, the widely known longtime organic-pork producer and its recent abrupt move to drop organic certification.

In Arts & Culture, look for contributor Mark Lore’s entertaining “Black to the future” interview with comedian Lewis Black, whose upcoming show at Laxson Auditorium is March 8. Also in A&C, contributor Henri Bourride offers his ode-of-sorts to mushrooms, “From truffles to shiitakes” (which includes a recipe as well!).

Gracing the back page in our print edition: intern Katherine Green’s 15 Minutes piece, “Mama bear,” for which she interviewed local entrepreneur Shelli Quinn about her wildly successful Potbelly company (read it to find out what she makes!).

Next week: the results of Fiction 59…

Enjoy the day!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor