Issue: February 20, 2014

Good morning, Chico News & Review readers!

Be forewarned: Our cover package this week delves into the nature of certain professions that might make some folks squeamish, such as owning a porta-potty business and being a colonics specialist. But check it out, especially if you are a meat-eater (hint).

In Newslines, trees, bicycles and nature (three of my favorite things!) are the subjects of three of our stories, but the focus is on problems associated with them--do read "Tree City snafu," "The path not taken" and "Ecological restrictions."

In Arts & Culture, read Staff Writer Ken Smith's interesting story, "Voice to the voiceless," about the Writing Exchange program for juvenile-hall-incarcerated students at Oroville's Table Mountain School, as well as his review of the Feb. 13 True Blues show at Laxson Auditorium, "Living history." Also in A&C, Meredith Graham offers her thumbs-up review--"New bulldog on the block"--of the new Bulldog Taqueria on Nord Avenue.

If you want to learn about orthorexia, read Healthlines Editor Howard Hardee's "Elimination obsession."

And contributor Evan Tuchinsky's Greenways lead, "Coping with climate change," takes a look at the growing field of the psychology of climate change; also in Greenways, my GreenHouse column has all the details about the upcoming Don't Frack California event in Sacramento (and how to get aboard the Chico bus going down there).

In our print edition, get more info related to dirty jobs in Streetalk (Q: Worst job you ever had?), and take a good long look through our Calendar section, of course.

Have a very fine day...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor