Guitar Tango: Más Allá

Argentinian tango vocalist Martín Alvarado teams up with fellow countryman and guitarist Horacio Avilano on this passionate album that is devoted to exploring the rich musical genre that is tango. The opening and title tune, “Más Allá,” showcases Alvarado’s beautiful tenor voice, complemented by Avilano’s sensitive, able guitar accompaniment. Even more pretty is the slow “Mujer Y Amiga,” the third track on this CD (as well as track 13—a live version). On it, Alvarado showcases the range of his lovely voice, again supported by Avilano’s sensitive guitar playing. In fact, there is not a song on this disc—which also features Juan Manuel Avilano on guitarrón—that is not top-notch and profoundly moving. If I had to choose a favorite, though, I would have to pick the gorgeous, contemplative “Viento Dile a la Lluvia,” a piece that showcases Alvarado’s voice in all its nuanced beauty, as well as Avilano’s delicate accompaniment, and the flawless, harmonious teamwork exhibited by the two musicians.