Issue: January 30, 2014

Hello, CN&R readers!

Welcome to our annual Local Band Issue, feature a cover package of stories about new bands to take note of!

The latest on medical marijuana--that local-news mainstay--is looked at in Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee's lead Newslines piece, "Reefer rules reconsidered." Also in Newslines, take a look at Staff Writer Ken Smith's story, "Neighborhood rumblings," about some problems that have popped up concerning noise and dust emanating from the grounds of south-Chico recycler Basik Recycling. And News Editor Tom Gascoyne writes about the city of Chico's move toward contracting out city attorney duties in "Contracting out."

In A&C, contributor Emiliano Garcia-Sarnoff offers his (entertaining) take on the new movie I, Frankenstein (now playing at the Cinemark 14 and in Paradise at Feather River Cinemas) in "I, ay, ay." In that section as well, read contributor Laura Davis' preview, "North Shore jam," of the upcoming Dead Winter Carpenters show at Lost on Main, and contributor Matthew Craggs' "Intro to graphic novels." And Arts DEVO is decidedly craft-beer-centric this week--take a look.

Our Greenways feature story this week, "'You are what you eat,'" is an informative preview of the Jan. 30 (today/tonight) talks by Iowa pig farmer and anti-GMO activist Howard Vlieger; folks interested in healthy food will no doubt want to read it. Also in Greenways, my GreenHouse column is almost entirely devoted to the new rules (as of Jan. 1) regarding recycling in California.

A tiny bit of rain was better than none...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor