Republicans: The poor are lazy

A majority of GOP respondents say a lack of effort leads to poverty

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Last month, research revealed that income inequality, which has been on the rise for three decades, is now at the highest level since 1928. This week, a new Pew Research Center/USA Today poll indicates the stark differences in opinion on why some people are rich while others are poor. Republicans were the only group with a majority of respondents who believe the rich work harder.

Republican Democrat Independent
Which has more to do with why a person is rich?
Because he/she worked harder: 57% 27% 37%
Because he/she had more advantages: 32% 63% 52%
Which is more to blame if a person is poor?
Lack of effort on his/her part: 51% 29% 33%
Circumstances beyond his/her control: 32% 63% 51%