Issue: January 09, 2014

Hello, Chico News & Review readers!

Our cover-story package this week--"Steady hands on call"--looks at local health-care professionals, such as an EMT and a cardiologist, who have particularly stressful jobs. And Editor Melissa Daugherty's column, Second & Flume, is--unsurprisingly--an ode to nurses this week. (Pick up the print version of the CN&R to read Streetalk, which is related to the topic of health; the question is: "How could you be healthier?")

Our Newslines section offers two Chico City Council-related stories, both by Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee: "Plotting the course" and "Across the booze spectrum." If you want the latest update on the city's budget and booze issues, read those two pieces. Also in Newslines: Staff Writer Ken Smith's excellent article, "Bad start," about the recent incident at the downtown Starbucks concerning a homeless man who was--eyewitnesses say unfairly--arrested after a shift manager claimed he smelled bad. News Editor Tom Gascoyne rounds out the section with "Taylor teardown," on the demolition of Chico State's Taylor Hall (along with the iconic mural painted at its east end) to make way for the new Arts and Humanities Building.

Our Healthlines feature, "Plugged in early," is by frequent contributor Evan Tuchinsky, and concerns the issues surrounding the use of such electronic devices as computers and smartpads by young children. Contributor Emiliano Garcia-Sarnoff wrote--and got to drive a Tesla Model S for--the Greenways feature story, "Who resuscitated the electric (super) car?" Also in Greenways, my GreenHouse column offers useful advice on wintertime gardening activities.

In A&C, check out contributor Craig Blamer's entertaining preview of early-2014 movie releases based on a review of their trailers, "Déjà re-vu." And if you're looking for something good to eat, my Chow review, "Tasty and healthful," of Wild Oak Café might persuade you to head to the north-Chico eatery for a delicious, healthful meal.

And, as always, there is plenty more to peruse, both online and in the hard copy of the paper.

Hoping for rain...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor