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Five more to add to your datebook

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Five more to add to your datebook

Big Tree Fall Down

Featuring members of Boss 501 and Brass Hysteria, Big Tree Fall Down combine the former’s pure ska with the latter’s psycho-ska-punk to create a lean, punk-ish brand of high-energy ska made for skankin’ the night away. Look for newly recorded CD Go Home Tree, You’re Drunk to be released soon.

Black Fong

Frontman of a thousand fabulous outfits, Jack Dammit International (pictured) has brought the funk to Chico for decades, beginning with one-time favorite party crew Brutilicus Maximus and now with his ever-changing lineup of fun-makers in Black Fong. Lately, the Fong has grown, with backup singers and a horn section swelling the caboose of the self-styled “butt funk” ensemble to a dozen.

Electric Canyon Convergence

What started as a musical experiment to bring local musicians/songwriters into Electric Canyon Studios to collaborate has grown into a full-fledged superband. Julian Ruck (formerly of Soul Butter and Here for Now) and Musical Brewing Company mandolinist Matthew Stratton’s brainstorm has just yielded its second album in just eight months, and the huge group of Chico ringers will celebrate with a CD-release show (opening for Swamp Zen) at Lost on Main on Feb. 21.

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Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy

With a metal pedigree that includes singer/guitarist Kirk Williams (Armed for Apocalypse), Adrian Hammons (Cold Blue Mountain) and Matt Shilts (Into the Open Earth), it comes as no surprise that Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy would tip heavy. But with the addition of some melodic passages, straight up rawk riffage and Shimmies drummer Jack Gingrich, there is something new and fun to be had here.

The Vesuvians

The rumblings of the latest Chico supergroup are growing louder. According to guitarist/singer “Mad” Bob Howard (of The Asskickers fame), the group—which includes bassist Alex Kokkinakis (Disorderly Events), singer/guitarist Scott Pressman (Brutilicus Maximus, Mossy Creek and dozens of others), and drummer Steve Bragg (The Asskickers, Michelin Embers)—is writing songs faster than they can learn ’em.

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