Issue: July 25, 2013

Good morning, Chico News & Review readers!

We offer you an interesting cover story this week. "The adventure continues," penned by News Editor Tom Gascoyne, is sure to carry you off (in your imagination) to the faraway country of Papua New Guinea and into the exciting world of local adventurer and Chico State instructor John Lane. The striking photos alone should pique your curiosity about the content of Gascoyne's piece (go look right now!).

Leading off the Newslines section is Staff Writer Ken Smith's story, "Looking for justice," covering the recent demonstrations in Chico and Oroville concerning the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Editor Melissa Daugherty follows with "Muckraking goes on," for which she interviewed Sacramento Valley Mirror editor/publisher Tim Crews about a recent court ruling that effectively saves his paper from bankruptcy. (In conjunction with Daugherty's news story, check out her Second & Flume column, which goes further into the ramifications of that significant court ruling.)

The No. 3 Newsline is an article by yours truly titled "Back from the brink," following up on cerebral-palsy sufferer Briana Beaver (featured in the CN&R's July 21, 2011, cover story, "Labeled disabled"), who is beginning to emerge from the debilitating depths of a recently diagnosed neurological ailment. Gascoyne rounds out the news section with "Deep in the red," about the city of Chico's dire financial problems as discussed at a July 23 Finance Committee meeting.

Scroll down to our compelling Greenways feature, "Jumpin' galls!," by contributor Claire Hutkins Seda, to learn pretty much everything you need (and want) to know about the amazing California jumping gall wasp. (Those odd, teensy, golden-brown poppy-seed-like balls jumping all over the ground this time of year that look like minuscule Mexican jumping beans? That's what she's talking about.)

And in Healthlines, contributor Evan Tuchinsky weighs in with "Trauma season," on the summer spike in trauma cases at Enloe Medical Center; the article contains excellent info for anyone concerned about staying safe while having fun in the summertime.

In Arts & Culture, Arts Editor Jason Cassidy's "Art invades" covers local "garbage artist" Erin Wade's new Andy Goldsworthy-inspired installation--Invasive Nature(s)--in Lower Bidwell Park, which runs through Aug. 4 (and includes an opening reception/artist talk on July 26). Contributor Alastair Bland's Chow piece, "Vine to stein," explores the segment of the craft-beer-brewing world that involves the inclusion of wine in the brew. And Smith's "The MANAS menagerie" is both a review of the current thought-provoking installation at the MANAS Artspace, as well as a preview of things to come in September, when the funky gallery will offer a show called Planting the Seeds of Your Intention (for which MANAS is seeking participants of every stripe, including totally inexperienced producers of art).

Oh yes, for you readers who like to stay on top of the latest action concerning pot busts in Butte County, don't forget to read "Harvest time," in Downstroke.

And when you pick up your hard-copy of the CN&R, in addition to reading Tom Tomorrow and the Calendar section, do check out Streetalk. The Streetalk question this week is "Been anywhere exotic?" and it goes right along with our cover story, and offers some interesting responses.

Have a happy day!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia,

associate editor