Issue: July 18, 2013

Good morning, CN&R readers!

We've got a great issue this week, with some particularly interesting history-focused stories by Staff Writer Ken Smith: his cover story, "The ghosts of Cherokee"--a photo-packed piece about the nearby foothills almost-ghost-town of Cherokee--and "Picturing Chico," in the Arts & Culture section, which looks at Chico Museum's new exhibit (opening July 20) of historical photographs by the late John Nopel.

Smith also leads off the Newslines section with his poignant story, "Dead ends," about a homeless 73-year-old veteran who is struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis. Also in Newslines, check out "Litigation blues," Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee's interesting article covering a recent "lawsuit-abuse" forum featuring Congressman Doug LaMalfa and Sen. Jim Nielsen, as well as News Editor Tom Gascoyne's story, "Neighborhood feud," concerning the situation of a west-Chico ranch on which (some say noisy) weddings are held.

In Healthlines, contributor Evan Tuchinsky weighs in with "Less paperwork, more care," about eight Paradise clinics coming under the umbrella of Feather River Hospital. In Greenways, my story, "Not just for camping," takes a look at a new Butte County pilot study on the long-term feasibility of composting toilets and gray-water systems. Also in Greenways, my column The GreenHouse offers useful fire-safety-related information aimed at seniors, the disabled and those with a low income, as well the deets on the upcoming Summer Soiree on Saturday, July 20, at The Plant Barn nursery, and some pretty interesting GMO-related news.

In his column this week, Arts DEVO admits to turning hippie, and elsewhere in the Arts & Culture section, contributor and intrepid film reviewer Craig Blamer gives the thumbs-up lowdown on Pacific Rim, which is playing in local theaters, in "Smash the multiplex," and contributor Henri Bourride gives his deux cents worth about the food at Oroville's new Ifa Journey Vegetarian and Seafood Jamaican Restaurant in "Journey to Jamaica."

And, of course, grab a hard copy of the CN&R, put it next to your bed and snuggle up with it on Saturday morning before you head to the farmers' market, so you can leisurely read all the other interesting stuff that's not online (tons of good events in the Calendar section!).

Have a great Thursday and rest of your week...

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor