Fueling up

Price of gas not at an all-time high

The price of gas is at an all-time high, right? And President Obama is responsible. Well, not really—on either account. The national average price for a gallon of regular actually peaked at $4.09 five years ago in July 2008 when a fellow named George W. Bush was president. Presidential policies have little to do with the price of gas because, according to University of Chicago economics professor Richard Thaler, oil is a global market where America consumes 20 percent of what’s available but holds only 2 percent of the oil reserves. Here is a chart from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics comparing the average price of gas for the month of May over the last decade:

Year Price
2003 $1.542
2004 $2.009
2005 $2.216
2006 $2.947
2007 $3.130
2008 $3.764
2009 $2.265
2010 $2.869
2011 $3.933
2012 $3.792
2013 $3.623