Anthony’s word cloud

When I’m about to start a column I usually scan the old ones to see if something suggests itself. The last time I did that I actually noticed the titles I’ve accumulated.

Here are most of them: A day, A do-over, A good turn, A mother’s lies, A tea party, Abortion, Ad hominem, Addiction, Adornment, Advertising, Aging, Another election, Apology, Appearances, Appreciation, Arizona, Art at work, Attention, Audacity of kindness, Balance, Banking, Belief, Birds, Bits, Black History Month, Books, Boots, Booze, Brand loyalty, Breaking up, Brothers, Brunch, Bullies, But watch, Camping, Candor, Cats, Challenge, Chance, Changes, Charity, Cheers, Chemtrails, Chico and Chicago, Children, Chili mac, Cleaning, Clothes, Coercion, Commercial democracy, Communication, Communion, Comparison, Compass, Complicit, Compulsion, Conflict of interest, Congress, Control, Convention, Cookie, Cooking, Cops, Corpses, Coward, Crazy, Curfew, Customer service, Dancing, Dating, Dead cat, Dead on the table, Decisions, Deduction, Deep democracy, Diddling a nine-year-old, Direction, Disgust, Dissolution, Divorce, Doing without, Double agent, Dreaming, Election, Email, Empty, Equanimity, Escargots, Ethics, Expectation, Exposure, Facebook, Fathering, Fear, Fear into law, Fired, For President, Freedom, From a polite sociopath, Games, Goods, Grand jury, Gratitude, Gregory Wright, Group, Gun show, Guns, Hair, Happiness, Health, Health care, Heartbreak, Height, Home delivery, Hot water, Imagining, Impermanence, Impulses, In the shade, Injury, It had to happen, Jesus, Jobs, John Bidwell, Jokes, Journal, Journalism, Justice, Killing schools, Kindness, King, Labor, Laughing, Lean, Legalization, Local affairs, Locomotion, Love, Loving Chico, Loving what is, Lust, Mandala, Manners, Marriage, Masochists, Mayhem, Measure A, Meditation, Meeting, Memorial, Memory, Merchandising, Mister Black Man, Money, More politics, Morning, Motoring, Movement, Murder, Mutilation, Name calling, News, Nice guy, Nitpicking, No, Office affairs, Oops, Outpouring, Parents’ rights, Parting, Patriotism, Paying attention, Pets, Planning, Platform, Playlist, Pointillism, Politics, Poop, The post office, Practice, Primary, Priority, Protest, Punishment, Ram Dass pats me on the head, Reading, Reality, Recycling, Relativity, Release, Reminders, Responsibility, Restriction, Retarded, Retreat, Retrospective, Right speech, Running, Safe, Safety, Sarah Jane Olson, Scandal, Scared yet?, Scary, School, Self-medication, Simple, Slow, Spock, Stereotypes, Stop-and-chat, Stories, Storms, Stuff, Style, Submission, Success, Suicide, Supervision, Tact, Talk, Tanks for our safety, Teen pregnancy, Teeth, Terrorists, Thanks for asking, The budget, The bus, The greater good, Then as now, Thinking, Town Park Square Plaza, Trains, Transparency, Truth, Truth capped, Tumultuous behavior, Typical, Useful, Utility, Vigil, Vipassana, Volunteering, Votes, Waste, What happens, What I love, Words, Work day, Worry, Yoga, Your poop and mine, Youth, and now Titles. Whew! These will be on the test.