Boombot REX

Smart speaker


Smartphones often have poor audio quality and volume, yet we entrust them with our music libraries and insist they serve as DJs for parties and outdoor adventures. In short, we’re asking too much of the technology, but the Boombot REX offers a solution to our audio disappointment. The lightweight, portable, wireless (Bluetooth) speaker features dual speakers and a bass woofer in one compact package, and it provides great audio at a range of volumes, making it versatile enough to handle everything from office- to house-parties. Simple controls offer volume and track control from the speaker, and the unit can handle incoming calls and Siri voice-control via a noise-canceling microphone. And the Bluetooth connection is solid, with little to no music interruption when the smartphone leaves the room or goes behind closed doors. Most importantly, the water-resistant Boombot REX can take a beating. Aside from a few minor scratches, dropping it off a table, or onto rocks or concrete, yields no performance issues. Hesitancy over taking a $120-$130 speaker into the wild is understandable, but the designers at Boombotix envisioned Boombot REX in just such environments, and its durability—along with its versatility—ensures this speaker will find a place in- and outside the home for summers to come.