Issue: April 21, 2011

Learning from Ishi

Ishi walked out of the wilderness 100 years ago and into Oroville. His entire Yahi tribe had been killed at the hands of the white settlers in the area, and he became known as the last man to have been born and raised in the wild. To this day, we continue to learn from Ishi, who lived out the remaining five years of his life in San Francisco, being studied by anthropologists. With the annual Ishi Gathering and Seminars coming up in Oroville at the end of this month, it seems a perfect time to reflect on Ishi and all he's taught us.

In other news: Tax Day riles up Tea Partiers, we take a tour of Enloe's hyperbaric chamber, Arts Devo dishes the Chico gossip and we interview rap superstar DJ Quick.

Happy Earth Day, Passover and Easter!

Meredith J. Graham, managing editor