Energy-saving seniors

Energy-efficient nursing homes

Thirty Sunrise Senior Living communities are being recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first senior-care facilities in the nation to earn the the Energy Star marker, according to an EPA press release.

The Energy Star program recognizes commercial buildings that use 35 percent less energy and produce 35 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than similar buildings nationwide. The 30 Sunrise Senior Living communities are located in eight states and are among more than 270 facilities owned by the company. Facilities in Petaluma, Danville, Sunnyvale and Walnut Creek are among a number of California-based Sunrise buildings recognized.

The communities earned the recognition by upgrading to more efficient lighting systems and improving hot-water and heating systems. Nursing homes and other senior-care facilities are the most recent addition to the list of commercial buildings that are eligible for the award, which includes K-12 schools, retail stores and office buildings.