Everyday Paleo

Sarah Fragoso

The immense popularity of the paleolithic diet—a hunter-gatherer-style diet focused on grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish, and seasonal local vegetables and fruits—is undeniable, including locally. In fact, Robb Wolf, owner of NorCal Strength & Conditioning on Entler Avenue, put Chico on the paleo-world map with his recent New York Times best seller, The Paleo Solution. Now, local writer and paleo-diet adherent (and NorCal S&C employee) Sarah Fragoso has come out with a new book on the subject—Everyday Paleo—with a foreword by Wolf. Focused on the family, Everyday Paleo is a comprehensive guide to living the paleo lifestyle—complete with a basic paleo-food guide, recipes (with color photos for each one), a detailed fitness section and how to get the entire family to go paleo (as a mother of three boys, Fragoso knows a thing or two about that). She also shows the reader how to make pancakes and cookies without using any conventional flours (the paleo diet eschews grains): Her recipe for blueberry pancakes uses almond meal instead of flour, and her “Nutty Cookies” feature coconut flour. Fragoso’s book also helpfully includes a 30-day family meal plan, with shopping list, and two weeks’ worth of school-lunch ideas.