Issue: March 17, 2011

Baring his soul

Few stories have the ability to open your eyes to another human being's perspective on life the way Calendar Editor Stacey Kennelly's feature story does this week. She shares the struggles and triumphs of Aydin Kennedy, a Chico man who, until three years ago, was a woman. He's undergone surgery, hormone therapy and counseling in order to find his true self. He bares his soul--and plenty of photographs that mark his journey--to the News & Review. His willingness to do that was brave, and I, for one, commend him for it.

That's not all: Stacey's not quite done with you yet--she's also written a piece on Cafe Culture's temporary closure after being denied a permit to sell beer and wine. There's news about bees, two local farmers' markets in peril, Bach on organ and a new Jamaican restaurant moving in where Sharon's Cookhouse used to be.

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Meredith J. Graham, managing editor