CN&R Editors’ Picks

Our 10 favorite places when we want to eat Asian food (in alphabetical order):

Priya Indian Cuisine

Priya Indian Cuisine

Photo By Kyle Delmar

Annie’s Asian Grill
243 W. Ninth St., 891-9044

This cozy restaurant tucked away next to Little Chico Creek offers a superb Asian-fusion menu, featuring Japanese and Korean dishes such as sushi and bulgoki. Owner Annie Caunt’s hospitality—and her excellent, affordable lunch and dinner menu—is what brings her loyal customers back time and again. (See feature story.)

Big Tuna Sushi Bistro
1722 Mangrove Ave., 345-4571

Big Tuna boasts big flavor in a little restaurant. Its expert sushi chefs turn out a mouthwatering array of traditional Japanese sushi in addition to a variety of American-influenced rolls. Plus, service is friendly and prompt.

Chada Thai Cuisine
117 W. Second St. (downstairs), 342-7121

This exotically located eatery (don’t we all love below-ground, hidey-hole destinations?) made our list for its delicious, authentic Thai cuisine, which includes a wide array of vegetarian choices. If you’re in the mood for sweet, spicy and yummy, take a trip downtown to Chada Thai.

Cocodine Thai Cuisine
2485 Notre Dame Blvd., 891-1800

The mouthwatering goodness of Cocodine’s calamari salad is almost enough all by itself to put this venue on our list. But, truth is, they’ve got that and so much more when it comes to delectable Thai food. Lots of parking in front of this south Chico restaurant, as well.

Gen Kai Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar
605 Mangrove Ave., 345-7226

Recently relocated near downtown Chico, longtime local Japanese restaurant Gen Kai continues to be a favorite. Check out their delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes in their snappy new restaurant with a full bar.

Happy Garden
180 Cohasset Rd., 893-2574

We love Happy Garden! Both for its great food and its excellent, friendly service. Owners Hong Tram and Julie Heng have a clear winner on their hands, as the CN&R’s “Best of Chico” Readers’ Poll shows year after year. (See feature story.)

Priya Indian Cuisine
2574 The Esplanade, 899-1055

We give Priya’s colorful, sublimely delicious Indian cuisine an easy “A.” Owner Raj Raddy and his family offer a wide variety of vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes that tantalize our palates every time we dine there.

Rawbar Restaurant & Sushi Bar
346 Broadway St., 897-0626

Ah—Rawbar! Many a local’s go-to destination for its top-notch sushi and Asian-fusion fare, Rawbar easily made it into our Top 10. The food is awesome, the service is excellent and its urban-vibed atmosphere is fun. Sit near the window and watch the buzzy downtown happenings outside.

Thai Basil
121 Broadway St., 343-6843

Thai Basil is notable for its fresh, healthful meat, seafood and vegetarian fare—including soups, curries and noodle dishes—served in a comfortable environment. Conveniently located downtown near the university, Thai Basil offers palate-tickling—sweet, spicy, sour—food with sensuous aromas to match.

Turandot North China Gourmet Cuisine
1851 The Esplanade, 893-1156

Fresh, authentic Manchurian cuisine in an expansive dining room, at times featuring a pianist playing a lovely grand piano in the center of the room. An inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy such dishes as Turandot’s Peking duck, cumin lamb or its sinfully delicious walnut prawns.