All You Can Eat

A Chico News & Review Dining Guide • SPRING/SUMMER 2011

On the cover: Julie Heng from Happy Garden

On the cover: Julie Heng from Happy Garden

Photo By Kyle Delmar

Who doesn’t love food? We certainly do. That’s why we keep a close eye on the local dining scene.

We know which restaurants have come and gone, and we stay up-to-date on exciting new offerings at established eateries. Before ordering delivery or heading to your standby place, check out your options in All You Can Eat.

Every spring and fall, the Chico News & Review offers this comprehensive dining guide with listings and descriptions of Chico restaurants to help you find whatever you’re craving. From vegetarian to juicy steaks and burgers, spaghetti to sushi, you’ll find it all in these pages.

With our handy dining symbols (explained on page 5), you’ll see which places fall within your budget. Try new places and new dishes. You’ll be glad you did.

Chico is fortunate to have an assortment of excellent restaurants serving a colorful, tasty array of Asian cuisine—Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and Indian.

In this issue of All You Can Eat, we pay tribute to two local Asian restaurants that offer tantalizing-yet-affordable meals in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Frequent CN&R contributor Jennifer Jewell’s story, “Fusion jewel,”, takes a look at Annie’s Asian Grill, a tucked-away gem that boasts friendly service and an exciting menu fusing Japanese and Korean cuisine with a California touch. And Ken Smith—also a frequent contributor to the CN&R—highlights local favorite Chinese restaurant Happy Garden in “Happy, happy, joy, joy,”.

For extra dining fun and adventure, the editors here at the CN&R have listed 10 of our favorite places to go to eat Asian food.


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