Issue: February 02, 2017

The cover story this week: Protests and art, birth control and real talk: the feminist response to Donald Trump's sexist, racist, xenophobic agenda is underway, and SN&R's writers are here to explore what this all means from Sac to D.C.

Elsewhere in the issue: As Sacramento undertakes its 2017 homeless tally, some worry hiden groups won't be counted, Dave Kempa reports; in the Joseph Mann case, the district attorney omitted troubling video evidence which lead to the officers involved being cleared of all charges, Raheem F. Hosseini has the story; Elsewhere, Mayor Steinberg would like to bolster the city's depleted funds for affordable housing, Scott Thomas Anderson has the scoop. Elsewhere in the book, the artists behind the enormous Art Street installation hope to make their mark, not only on Sacramento, but on the world, Rebecca Huval has the story.