Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Rated 2.0

Super-assassin Alice (Mila Jovovich) climbs out of the rubble of Washington, D.C., and heads to Raccoon City for a showdown with the Bible-quoting head of the sinister Umbrella Corporation (Iain Glen). This series is only marginally better than most video game movies, but Jovovich gets precious little help from writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson. He clutters up the screen with constant physics-defying CGI action, shot with jittery cameras and assembled with assaultive Cuisinart editing—all of which cancels out the 3-D you paid extra for. And by the way, in a movie all about cloning, second lead Ali Larter looks way too much like Jovovich; it looks like one of them is playing both parts. Despite the title, the door is left wide open for yet another go. The Final Chapter? You wanna bet? J.L.