Issue: April 12, 2012

In this week’s feature, we take a look at the new wave of the capital’s brightest and bravest, men and woman, young and old, who-on the heels of a pretty gnarly recession-aren’t afraid to roll the dice or take a risk. They’re embracing big visions and turning ideas into reality-while transforming Sacramento-lending their business savvy toward bettering the community and, in some cases, the world. A few have years of expertise, others only recently reinvented themselves after a sudden job loss. Here are 25 of the city’s next entrepreneurs.

In Frontlines this week, presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s old firm Bain Capital has put the spotlight on the dubious funding practices of California’s big pension programs CalPERS and CalSTRS. Darwin Bondgraham reports on Bain’s benefactors. Also this week: James Raia on the sustainable rail practices at Siemens’ Sacramento headquarters, and our editorial board chimes in on the slow, 11-year bleed of the war in Afghanistan.

In Arts&Culture coverage, it’s Second Saturday, so make sure you see what Shoka’s picked for this month’s “don’t miss” gallery exhibitions. Also this week: Greg Lucas checks to see if the Red Rabbit Kitchen and Bar really hops, James Raia spends time with (not in) one of Sacramento’s only iron lungs, Anthony Nathan gets on his jiu jitsu moves, and Maxwell Mckee raves about those dudes in the zoot suits.

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