Film Clip: Mirror Mirror

Rated 4.0

The Brothers Grimm story of Snow White (Lily Collins) and her wicked stepmother (Julia Roberts) gets a Fractured Fairy Tales retelling, courtesy of director Tarsem Singh and writers Melissa Wallack and Jason Keller. The dialogue is more wisecracking than witty, but still pretty funny, and the story is surprisingly sweet and charming. Roberts sashays through her Cruella de Vil turn with relish. Collins’ Snow White is smart and spunky, and Armie Hammer, as her handsome prince, shows an unexpected flair for square-jawed Dudley Do-Right comedy. Nathan Lane, Mare Winningham and, of course, the seven dwarves (Jordan Prentice, Mark Povinelli, Joe Gnoffo, Danny Woodburn, Sebastian Saraceno, Martin Klebba, Ronald Lee Clark) round out the eager cast. Tom Foden’s scrumptious production design is another huge plus.