Film Clip: The Raid: Redemption

Rated 2.0

In Jakarta, a police raid on a gang lord’s tenement headquarters goes terribly wrong, leaving the survivors of the invading SWAT team trapped and out of ammunition, forced to fight their way out with bare hands, flying feet, and whatever weapons come to hand. The result, in writer-director Gareth Evans’ hands, is like a martial arts tournament with “real” blood, injury and death—everybody comes on one at a time to get his neck snapped, throat cut, or chest skewered in whatever way Evans and fight choreographers Yayan Ruhian and Iko Uwais (the real stars here) have devised for them. Evans seldom stops for dialogue, and never for plot or characterization, so the names of actors hardly matter. The action is literally wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, and all you could want if you like this sort of thing.