Fresh faced

Aubrey Organics skin care

When the cold winter months hit, some of us notice that our faces dry out and lose elasticity. Along with natural aging, biting winds cause our faces to look older than we feel—even as the season turns to spring. Aubrey Organics’ skin-care line kicks dry skin to the curb with products such as Seaware with Rosa Mosqueta Facial Cleansing Cream, which features antioxidant-rich vitamin C and skin-hydrating sea herbals, such as bladder wrack. This stuff will dramatically improve the moisture retention in your face and neck. There’s no cure for wrinkles, but this cleanser can give your skin a youthful look and glow, and you’ll soon forget all about those laugh lines. Pick up an 8-ounce bottle at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, or order it online from the company’s website for $15.98.