Issue: April 05, 2012

Sure Sacramentans know about the balls-those all-night dance fests where gays of color set out to dance and dazzle with the best of them. They know about the runway sirens; they know about the vogue legends. But they also know the fabulous balls happen in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Vegas-anyplace but here in Sacramento. Some locals are starting to ask: Will this town ever have its own ballroom scene? In this week’s feature, Lien Hoang brings us a look at a slice of Sac’s gay subculture.

And in Frontlines: We’re already building one home for a major sports team—maybe—so why not wonder: Could the Oakland Athletics move to Sacramento? The Major League Baseball season kicks off this week for real; Nick Miller fuels the flames of fandom, fact and fiction. Also this week: James Raia visits a growing local solar-energy firm, Alison Rood ponders playing Nirvana for your kindergartner, and Sac’s editorial board gives reasons for optimism.

Yes, there are still roller rinks out there. Becca Costello reports this week in Arts&Culture on the young and old Sacramentans who’re taking to four wheels and resurrecting the sport of figure skating. Also: Greg Lucas goes for the cannelloni, and Jonathan Kiefer returns to Titanic—in 3-D.

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