Miss bread

Photo By illustration by Mark stivers

We first met at a friend’s birthday party. She had a glistening golden-brown complexion and emitted a sweet, intoxicating aroma. They said she was Filipino. She was a delicious pastry. Her name was señorita bread.

Of course, despite a name that literally means “miss bread” in Spanish, she wasn’t a real person. Yet, she’s dangerously close to being my future missus. Señorita bread, made by Starbread Bakery (6127 Mack Road in South Sacramento), is light and fluffy, with a caramelized sweetness coming from a filling reminiscent of condensed milk. It’s nearly impossible to eat just one of these mini-doughnut-sized breads. Tip: Don’t burn yourself by eating señorita bread immediately after baking. Her molten center can drip out and scald your mouth. Also, try the store’s other breads, especially the purple yam buns. And don’t leave without at least a 20-piece box of señorita bread—if you want it to last more than a day.