A mixed bag of groceries

Photo By illustration by mark stivers

According to a diversity index created by USA Today journalists, if you randomly choose any two people in Rancho Cordova, there’s a 69 percent chance they’ll be of different ethnicities. That makes perfect sense if you venture into a Rancho Cordova grocery store called Koreana Plaza (10971 Olson Drive in Rancho Cordova, www.koreanaplaza.com), which caters to three distinct immigrant populations. On a recent trip to the supermarket, customers of Mexican, Korean and Russian ethnicities—among others—shopped side by side.

Impressively, a multicultural team of store employees helps customers navigate the store while collectively speaking fluent Spanish, Korean and Russian. With plenty of imported Mexican, Korean and Russian grocery items lining the store shelves, highlights of the supermarket include produce and prepared-foods sections. Customers of any ethnicity can purchase Korean side dishes (like seasonal kimchi), Russian deli items (like fried piroshki), and fresh fruits and veggies (of many varieties, of course).