Issue: February 23, 2012

YOUR ARENA CLIFF'S NOTES: Ever since Chris Lehane, executive director of arena-booster organization Think Big Sacramento, declared that a new Sacramento Kings arena downtown would be the biggest thing for Sacramento since the transcontinental railroad, SN&R has suspected that the hype around a sports facility might be getting a bit overblown. Still, there's a big vote at City Council coming on Tuesday, February 28, and details of a possible agreement between the city, the Maloof family and the NBA are finally, finally becoming public this week. SN&R has the Cliff’s Notes for when the much anticipated "term sheet" hits the streets.

THIS WEEK'S FEATURE: Sacramento may be home to a cellar-dwelling NBA squad, but if there’s one thing this town does well, its beer. This is our roots-many argue the city was built on brewery money-but it also speaks to our denizens laissez-faire penchant for kicking back with a cold one, maybe? Anyway, gypsy brewers and brewery tap rooms are popping up throughout the region. So, just in time for Sacramento Beer Week, SN&R looks at the latest in locally made beers.

Yes, even Sacramento gets Fashion Week. This doesn't mean you have to burn all your threads that are more than a decade old. But it does mean you have to read Kari Shipman - of Juniper James' fame - on some of her favorite local designers. Also this week in Arts&Culture: Jonathan Mendick gives the Kings a report card (shocker: they're not getting any money from papa), Becca Costello asks Ross Hammond why Sacramento hates jazz music, SN&R intern Valentin Almanza interviews Pangaea Two Brews Café's James Anderson for Beer Week, and Patti Roberts says the California Stage production of The Idea Man is thoughtful and wickedly funny.

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