Scent of a family

Sacramento Candle Company

Most of us are familiar with the power of scent—that whiff of apple pie takes you back to your mother’s kitchen, a hint of Loreal lipstick and it’s your senior year in high school all over again, while the heady mix of burning firewood and popcorn reminds you of that weekend at the oceanfront cabin. The family behind the Sacramento Candle Company draws on its own aroma associations for its line of hand-poured soy candles. On the side of each candle tin—Coconut Beach, Spa, Fresh Linen, et al—you’ll find latitude and longitude numbers that correspond to a specific location dear to its makers. (Tip: Pop the digits into Google to find out the exact spot on a map). Candles are available locally at, among other locations, Taylor’s Market, Compton’s Market and the The Inn & Spa at Parkside.