Five local designers show off style for Sacramento Fashion Week

Rampant model: Houston Castleberry, Nakate model: Kalah Rowland, Morris and Terry model, Allison Kranz. Hair and makeup by Ali at Deeda, wardrobe styling by Juniper James..

It’s fashion week in Sacramento, and many of us have caught the fashion bug. But, as exciting as it is, I didn’t want to spoil the surprises by showing you all of the local designers’ hard work before it hits the runways.

So, a quick look at five local favorites. I feel privileged to run Juniper James (, my company and blog that highlights local fashion and design: It offers the unique opportunity to meet, work with, and support amazing people in Sacramento who make a difference through fashion.

Mainstream menswear meets mohawk

Rampant Fashion Cooperative

Designer: Jason Powers

Location: Sacramento

Where to get it: Article Consignment Boutique, 5704 Elvas Avenue; and onlineWebsite:

Rampant began as an art project for a Second Saturday event in 2010. Designer Jason Powers is the cooperative’s bold leader, and he pushes each of the members to experiment and think outside the box. They do both men’s and women’s pieces, but are currently focused on menswear collections. The new line, featuring rough edges and a quirky use of materials and color, aims to bridge the gap between art and urban street wear. Think mainstream accessible meets mohawk.

But don’t worry: The ladies aren’t left without Rampant love. Powers still does custom one-of-a-kind commissioned pieces for women, and 2012 promises to be a big year for Rampant, with a slick new website launching soon and menswear pieces available at local retailers.

Jewelry that matters


Director: Shanley Knox

Location: Sacramento

Where to get it: Cuffs, 2523 J Street; Goodstock Boutique, 545 Downtown Plaza; and online


Wearing Nakate is simultaneously high fashion, everyday stylish and effortless. The jewelry boasts myriad colors, shapes, designs and patterns, all handmade with care and attention to detail. Just given that, I’d wear it and be proud—but then there’s the rest of the story.

Nakate exists to empower women in underdeveloped countries by providing a platform for their designs in the high-fashion industry. It’s not “charity”; it’s creating jobs where they are desperately needed. Nakate designers abroad are now able to sustain themselves and their families as the company continues to bring not only individual women’s designs, but their stories to the industry’s forefront. In a world of bright lights and fancy things, that’s real. That matters.

Activewear, active care

MTX Sport by Morris Terry

Designers: Marisa Minasian and Terry Buccat

Location: Sacramento

Where to get it: Asha Yoga, 1050 20th Street; and online


The designers of Morris Terry have a lot to be proud of. They’ve created a chic, comfortable line of activewear for women, and were rightfully ecstatic when they were featured in People Magazine earlier this year. But what they are possibly most proud of is the fact that Morris Terry is a sustainable lifestyle brand with a purpose: helping foster youth.

Minasian was fortunate enough to be adopted from Korea at 3 months old; she never had to endure the hardships of the foster-care system. Now, she has a lot of sympathy for children who do. This is also a very special cause to Buccat, whose family has lovingly taken in foster youth. In 2011, the duo partnered with Helps Foster Agency, giving 100 percent of the proceeds from their tote bag, as part of their dedication to give back.

Designed by local teachers

Compliment Jewelry

Designers: Mike and Melissa Magliola

Location: Roseville

Where to get it: Nevaeh Boutique, 9205 Sierra College Boulevard in Roseville; and online


High-school teachers Mike and Melissa love each other, but are very different. They were looking for a creative venture together, and a jewelry line ended up being the perfect thing. And when her students started requesting their own versions of Melissa’s handmade rings, the couple realized they were on to something.

The couple believes that words are powerful, and aim to bring good things to people through words. Look for a customized note inside each jewelry box. The designers also participate in local public-education fundraisers, and look for Compliment during Sac Fashion Week on the Michael Lopez runway.

Unpretentious and approachable


Designer: Adrienne Cheng

Location: Sacramento

Where to get it: Article Consignment via Closet Candy

Cheng has been sewing since she was 6 years old, but things really took off eight years ago, when she began reconstructing vintage pieces for friends, who then went behind her back and took her pieces to Krazy Mary’s Boutique. From there, more boutiques and runways came knocking.

With no formal training or desire to be the next diva on Project Runway, Cheng’s designs are unpretentious and approachable. With easy-to-wear fabrics (fashionable jersey knit? Yes, please!) and chic, flattering cuts with a versatile, minimalist feel, her designs can be dressy for a night out or easily worn to the beach. Asymmetrical wrap dresses, long harem-style wrap pants, theatrical vests and chunky cowl scarves are just a few of her fashion ventures as of late.