Issue: January 26, 2012

Four-plus years into the worst financial, housing and unemployment crisis to hit the country since the Great Depression, America's hunger numbers continue to climb. In California, the food insecurity numbers are stunning. In this week's feature, noted author and regular SN&R contributor Sasha Abramsky reveals some of the faces behind the state's growing population of families who struggle to put food on the table.

In Frontlines: Sacramento doesn't have a drinking problem. It has a drinking solution. Contributor Raheem F. Hosseini reports on County supervisors's approval of a flood of new liquor licenses for high crime and booze saturated neighborhoods during last year. Also this week: Bites looks at the fate "Strong Mayor 3" and charter commission surprise and Nick Miller visits the greenest high school in the city.

In Arts&Culture: B-Boy Morris is arguably the most popular dancer in Sacramento. Born Morris Edward Isby III, he's known internationally as one of the world's best competitive hip-hop dancers, or "B-boys." Jonathan Mendick reports on Morris, who didn't break through overnight. Also this week: Aaron Carnes listens to the shameless pop of Darlingchemicalia, Kel Munger raves about Resurrection Theatre's Doubt: A Parable, and Nick Miller chimes in on the Concerts in the Park drama.

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