Bambu Snacks & Coffee Shop serves up Vietnamese desserts.

illustration by mark stivers

Bambu Snacks & Coffee Shop is a small franchise that started with three locations in San Jose, serving snacks, coffee and desserts to the large Vietnamese population there. Opening its first location in Sacramento’s Little Saigon last year (6901 Stockton Boulevard, Suite 340), it quickly built a reputation for creating great chè, a sweet Vietnamese dessert soup made with various ingredients, and sinh to (smoothies).

After sampling several items, my personal recommendations are chè thap cam, a 10-flavored sweet soup with jellies, beans and boba, and sinh to bo, a sweet avocado shake also accessorized with assorted jellies and boba. Pretty much everything on the menu is customizable, so you can add or subtract different jellies, beans, boba, fruit and shaved ice to your heart’s content. Tip for frequent visitors: Change your diet; eat smaller and more frequent meals, so you can fit in extra snack times. Visit for more information.