New local food blogs

illustration by mark stivers

Food blogs have taken over the Internet, with images of homemade cakes made of more layers than a winter fashion show and recipes that can beat out those of many top chefs. A few new local food blogs have recently caught my attention, and they should have yours, too.

Dawn Balzarano writes a blog called Kitchen Travels ( It’s filled with rich photography—utilizing smart shadow techniques—and musings on life that are as tender as a ripe peach. It isn’t updated often, but the posts are worth waiting for.

Stephanie Nuccitelli writes 52 Kitchen Adventures (, where she posts recipes that are homespun without being homely. Her recipes for gluten-free cinnamon-raisin bread pudding and peppermint cake pops are sure to impress and endear.

Pretty Yummy Foods (, written by Melissa Vanni, possesses a sophisticated air of Martha Stewart-inspired style. A mother of four, she’s got happening looks and style in her recipes—all for items you can make that night—and she wraps her posts in a certain wryness that I can’t help but appreciate.