Green in the kitchen

Typically about this time of winter, I’ve had it with chard, kale and collards. Normally, I love them, but the sight of more greens is making me a bit green in the gills. Ironic, since they’re actually quite good for me.

Instead, I’m longing for some other green produce, like asparagus—which makes its first appearance at local markets this month. Given the warm winter, we should be seeing a fairly early crop.

Sautéed quickly with just a drizzle of olive oil and a squirt of Meyer lemon juice, it makes a delicious harbinger of spring. I’ve always been partial to asparagus on pizza as well, with a supercreamy, melty cheese like crescenza. Since green- and red-leaf lettuces are plentiful, you can get some greens while making a winter salad with asparagus, grapefruit, toasted almonds and feta.

Pea shoots and leaves are also just appearing in the market, and they taste fantastic tossed with warm pasta, olive oil and crispy prosciutto bits. It’s not St. Patrick’s Day quite yet, but you can still wear (and eat) some lovely green.