Issue: March 15, 2012

Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg’s signature achievement is Proposition 63, a 2004 initiative that put a 1 percent tax on California millionaires, raising $1 billion dollars per year for mental-health services in the state. With health experts and agencies readying for the 2014 rollout of the national Affordable Care Act, SN&R thought it a good time to sit down with Steinberg for a broad-ranging discussion about Proposition 63, the stigma attached to mental illness, and the future of mental-health services in California. Read it in this week’s feature.

In news: Just say “not no”? That’s the mantra Cosmo Garvin says city council has cornered itself into with the recent Kings arena votes. Read this week’s Bites. Also this week: What will be the fate of Sacramento’s oldest black-owned bookstore? And Kel Munger explains how local group Save California ended up on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “hate groups.” Hint: They lied about gay people. A lot.

In Arts&Culture: More than Halloween or Second Saturday, does Midtown bro-down and show its true colors on St. Patrick’s Day? One might argue; Jonathan Mendick doesn’t-but he does have partying tips in this week’s calendar. Also this week: Up for a new podcast? This week’s arts feature by Lory Gil has a few tips for your ears. Up for a beer? Samuel Horne’s Tavern has a few hundred. Up for sexy local R&B goodness? Josh Fernandez has the scoop on Tessa Evans. In Stage, we have to ask: Will wonders never cease? Jeff Hudson hands out a ravin’ Willie for The House of Bernarda Alba at UC Davis and Kel Munger does the same for Runaway Stage Productions’ Legally Blonde. That’s right, a musical. Finally, if you can’t decide between vegan or barbecue, then read this week’s 15 Minutes’ interview and do both.

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    This article was published on 03.15.12