MOBS goodies

“Sorry kid, I don’t want your bread and fish. I want to go to MOBS this Easter.”

“Sorry kid, I don’t want your bread and fish. I want to go to MOBS this Easter.”

Movies on a Big Screen goes down on Sundays at the Guild Theatre, 2828 35th Street; times vary; prices vary; visit for more information.

Running a film night is a thankless arts-and-culture line of work right up there with booking shows or curating a gallery: It takes a passionate mastermind—and even then people just aren’t going to show up to witness your amazing contribution to the Sacramento scene.

But you got to keep on going. And going. And then, some day, people will start using the word “institution” to define what you do. I’m not sure Movies on a Big Screen, the weekly film series curated by Robert McKeown and DeAnn Little, is an institution just yet. But they’ve been showing odd, quirky, unseen or never-seen-the-light-of-Sacramento films on Sunday nights at the Guild Theatre since 2006. If anything, it’s become an awesome local cineaste tradition.

And the month of April is chock-full of MOBS goodies: Easter Sunday, April 8, is Sunday school—MOBS style (think “creepy Christian kids shows and weirdly excessive scare films). And, later in the month, conspiracy-theory flick The Truth Is Out There with The X-Files’ Lone Gunman character showing up at the screening; a reproductive-rights documentary sponsored by The League of Women Voters and Planned Parenthood Mar-Monte (with a guest panel, too) on April 22; and the last Sunday in April, short films by Mira Loma High School students.

Start times vary this month. Visit for details. And don’t flake.