Earth’s good news

Earth Day 2012 is coming! Check next week’s SN&R for news, views and events listings related to this holiday for the planet.

The vast majority of scientists on the planet agree that greenhouse gases—as produced by human activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels—are the top contributor to climate change. And it is a statement of fact that power plants are America’s largest source (40 percent) of greenhouse-gas emissions.

It was therefore great to see President Barack Obama propose new rules (despite it being an election year) that severely limit carbon-dioxide emissions from new power plants. Basically, the Environmental Protection Agency’s new standards put an end to the building of new coal-fired power plants in America.

People like us have spent the last three years concerned about Obama’s lack of action on the environmental agenda he set forth in his presidential campaign, especially when it comes to dealing with the climate crisis. So we’re happy to see his administration finally signal a proactive plan to get more aggressive related to emissions and fuel economy standards.

California has long ago embraced the necessity of rules that limit greenhouse gases. It’s a relief to know the rest of the country will be soon taking action on this challenge, too.