Issue: July 20, 2017

Morning, readers,

What'd you have for breakfast this morning? Local bacon and eggs, maybe? Did you know that you can buy locally made bacon? Well, for our annual Farm to Table Issue, we introduce you to four local farmers/growers who are producing meat for your dietary delight. Some breed sheep, others chickens and yet others pigs and cows. We also interview a local butcher shop that tends to some of the meat that's raised locally. It just goes to show that the animals can be raised both healthfully and humanely before they reach the dinner table.

In other news: Local service providers are reeling from news that one of their peers left $72,000 unclaimed last year; we find out more about last week's homicide victim, Audra Houston, and how the suspect in her killing was located; I interview a woman whose bra company recently opened up a 45-strong customer service center in town; and Arts Editor Jason Cassidy travels all the way to Belgium for the perfect beer.

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor