Meet your meat

Annual Farm to Table issue highlights local meat producers

Each year for our Farm to Table issue, the CN&R focuses on one area in which local farmers and growers stand out. This year, we’ve chosen to highlight those who raise animals for meat, all small-scale producers who spend the time to rotate the herds to different pastures and have the space to allow their flocks to roam. All of the farmers we interviewed take great care to ensure that their cattle and poultry eat healthily and live well while they’re on the farm.

As our community—and the greater community around us—becomes more aware of where our food comes from, how it’s grown or raised and what nutrients it contains, it’s increasingly vital to connect with the people responsible for what’s on our plates. So, we invite you to meet some rice growers-turned-pig-and-sheep farmers in Hamilton City; a young, first-generation farming couple who raise chickens, sheep and pigs in Yankee Hill; a well-known winemaker and his longtime farming partner who’ve branched out into the cattle market; some Midwest transplants who are tending to pigs south of Chico; and the folks behind a well-known butchery in Oroville.

What’s for dinner?