New Kind of Normal

For those nostalgic for 1990s pop-punk, Cayetana’s here to fill the void with clean, frank, unapologetic hook-filled punk. Even with its clear nods to the past, to call it a throwback would be a disservice. On New Kind of Normal, this Philly trio exudes something entirely its own, a sound that moves between instantly catchy, bouncy melodies and cleanly executed breakdowns, both with an unbreakable clarity. There are even moments like on “Am I Dead Yet” that have a flawless indie-pop feel akin to Jenny Lewis. Lyrically, the album centers around mental health and what qualifies for the idea of normal, subjectively. Songs like “Bus Ticket” describe hitting those lowest of lows and trying to remember how to scoop yourself back up. Both music and message are optimistic, even if the only clear solution is acceptance and the power that comes with it.