Times and tones have changed for Imaad Wasif. Whereas his last album, The Voidist, was an expansive tapestry of psych-folk, lo-fi rock and raga, this newest album is sharper, delving into more straightforward rock, at times with enough noisy surge to fall into metal territory. The songs feel bigger, like “Carry That Scar,” with its hulking, heavy-stepping sonic body managing to bear down even harder halfway through for an instrumental breakdown. There are echoes of Wasif’s older catalogue, especially with “Marie,” but even that features bulkier tones. If you’re unfamiliar with Wasif and looking for an easy listen, this might not be the best fit in terms of accessibility. However, if you’re looking for something a little less pristine and with a punch, it could be perfect. The song “Turn Away” oscillates between minimal, creeping grooves and a Nirvana-esque anthemic chorus with gritty chords. Throughout, Wasif’s voice feels as sturdy as the instrumentation, effortlessly carrying simple hooks.