One versus millions

Republicans demonstrate disconnect in health-care concerns

Sunday morning (July 16), while Senate Republicans’ second crack at repealing Obamacare still seemed viable, North State Congressman Doug LaMalfa gave a glimpse into the mindset that’s come to define health-care reform.

He shared a Facebook post about two of his GOP colleagues pushing a bill on behalf of British infant Charlie Gard, who has a rare genetic condition that keeps him from moving or breathing on his own. The original post urged people to “[c]ontact Congress and tell them to support” legislation proposed by Reps. Brad Wenstrup (Ohio) and Trent Franks (Arizona) “to expedite Charlie Gard’s chance to receive treatment in the United States.”

“Contacted,” LaMalfa wrote.

Wenstrup, Franks and supporters—i.e., LaMalfa—want to make Charlie a permanent U.S. resident so his parents, at odds with U.K. doctors over his prognosis, can seek medical options here. Rallying to Charlie’s aid, Wenstrup declared: “Every human life has dignity.”

These Republicans show deep concern for the health of a single boy in Britain, yet have no qualms about discontinuing health care for millions of Americans. They’re willing to waive immigration rules for this family, yet shun numerous families—refugees, victims by misfortune of geography—who face death on a massive scale.

LaMalfa, Westrup and Franks all voted for the American Health Care Act, the House bill that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office determined would deprive 24 million Americans of insurance. Should their Senate counterparts eventually pass a version, these congressmen will get another chance.

We hope by then they’ll recognize the disconnect in embracing the plight of one person while overlooking the predicament of millions, but we’re not holding our breath.