Issue: July 28, 2016

Morning, readers!

How are you handling this heat? I know, that's kind of a cliche thing to

say, but it actually does tie in with this week's feature story, which

is all about fire. Wildfires in particular. Frequent CN&R contributor

Alastair Bland interviews a slew of experts to come to the conclusion

that 2016 may just be the worst fire year yet. You'll have to read the

story to find out why.

In other news: Chico residents are in a tizzy over a couple of big-name

proposals--from Enloe and Walmart--and argue they don't take the

community into enough consideration; Butte County continues its quest to

squash the Mechoopda tribe's bid for a casino; longtime local musician

Trish Howard returns to the stage; and food dude Tuck Coop weighs in on

some of his favorite taco trucks.

Till next time,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor