Into the Dark

Arguably America’s only organic film movement—partially born of a migration of foreign filmmakers surrounding World War II and the rise in popularity of the post-war anti-hero—film noir is characterized by its use of shadow and darkness, hard-boiled detectives, femmes fatales and deadly morals. In Into the Dark, author Mark A. Vieira examines more than 80 films and the film noir genre contextually, in time, through contemporary reporting and commentary from industry columnists, film critics, casts and crews. Particularly of interest are reports from regional theater owners commenting on titles, ticket sales and audience reactions. Stunning photography delivers the mood and power behind films such as I Wake Up Screaming and The Lost Weekend—once regarded as B-movies, now considered classics. Under Vieira’s magnifying glass, film noir is a distinctly unique movement, overflowing with visceral, post-war passions ill-contained by the Motion Picture Production Code censors. The perfect viewing checklist for steamy summer nights.