The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

Bob and the Belcher family know burgers. The new cookbook from the writers of the Fox cartoon Bob’s Burgers began as a fan’s blog. Cole Bowden created real-life recipes for the joke burgers featured in the show. Author and series creator Loren Bouchard, with chefs Aliza Miner and Paul O’Connell, added the Belcher wit and fine-tuned the burgers, respectively, to create a humorously imaginative cookbook with practical recipes. While the puns often center on one ingredient—Beets of Burden Burger, Romaines of the Day Burger—the recipes achieve a lot with simple ingredients and instruction. The patty in the Summer Thyme Burger—beef mixed with rosemary, thyme and feta—is spot-on and worthy of numerous summer barbecues. Seasoned chefs may find places to add more depth at the cost of convoluting the recipe, but keep the process as simple as Bob’s puns and you’ll have a burger well done.