Issue: June 16, 2016

Morning, readers,

Before I introduce our feature story this week, which is all fun and

games (literally), I'll say that we at the CN&R are deeply saddened--and

concerned--following the devastating attack on a gay club in Orlando. We

opined on it in our Editorial section, we captured a beautiful photo of

the very well-attended vigil on Sunday in our News section and Arts Devo

put his own reaction to paper in this week's issue.

In other news: Of course, this past week was marked by the Local GOP

feels pressure from within; local medical marijuana advocates propose

legalizing the drug in Butte County (we're just waiting on a signature

count to see if their initiative hits the November ballot); and a

dedicated Enloe volunteer gets due recognition.

On to the fun stuff: Are you ready to Lego? I mean, c'mon, who didn't

love putting together all those colorful blocks to create, oh, whatever

our hearts desired? Some of us never lost that urge to build--or came

out of the "Dark Ages" to rediscover a love of Lego. Meet the Chico Lego

Users Group in this week's feature story. They make Lego fantasies come


Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor