Project Grizzly EP

Former Chico MC Doc Prop has teamed up with New York-born producer Kazma Attack to form Project Grizzly. And the L.A. duo’s first collaboration, Project Grizzly EP, is a six-track sonic experiment matching Doc Prop’s up-tempo rhyme style and doubled-up vocals against the sometimes grimy, always haunting beats that Kazma Attack provides. Doc Prop’s rhyme patterns and quick, complex delivery (most evident on “Grizzle”) are a respectful nod to Nor Cal pioneers like E-40 and Brotha Lynch Hung. The haunting backdrop of “Oasis” sounds like the soundtrack to a scary movie, bringing to mind a scene with a character standing alone in a forest at night—at once serene/safe and vulnerable/scary. On the hectic album closer, “Lab Rats,” Kazma Attack provides a dirty EDM-esque beat layered with staccato hi-hats and oozing with distorted washes of noise (sounding like a fuzzed-out accordion in places). The driving, frantic beat provides great nervous energy for Doc Prop’s manic lyrics: “Running around in a maze/Running around in a maze of insanity.” Bananas!