Slap-Happy (reissue)

When L7 released its sixth album, Slap-Happy, back in 1999, the band was on its last legs, having been dropped by Reprise two years prior and having already lost original bassist Jennifer Finch. L7 charged on, albeit minus a leg, and recorded the album on a shoestring for Bong Load Records in conjunction with their newly formed label Wax Tadpole. The circumstances could’ve resulted in a lackluster performance, but instead L7 released its most diverse, dark and melodic record of its career. Songs like “Freeway”—made on a Guitar Center Casio keyboard—is one of the weirdest, darkest dance songs you’ll ever hear. And the slower, moodier “Freezer Burn” is met with the metallic “Stick to the Plan” and the classic L7 burner, “Crackpot Baby.” Slap-Happy suffered dismal sales upon its original release, but with this reissue the album might get the second life it deserves.