Issue: June 02, 2016

Morning, readers,

I'm sure you've heard the big news, that Bernie Sanders is coming to

lil' old Chico. Check out Editor Melissa Daugherty's column (Second &

Flume) and Arts Devo for some of the pre-Bern excitement. If that's not

enough to get you through your day, do not fear--the CN&R has you covered.

Our feature story this week comes from film critic Bob Grimm. If you

want to prepare your summer movie calendar, he's got the goods.

In other news: The Esplanade House graduates a new group of successful,

sober parents; a local hiking enthusiast takes on the monumental task of

mapping all of California's trails; Paradise's Juice & Java owner

Geoffrey Greitzer branches out beyond drip and espresso and creates

NorCal Nitro cold-brew coffee.

Read on!

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor