We’re without a doubt in a time of instant gratification, with little patience for much beyond immediate pop hooks. It’s a shame, because there’s so much to be found in music that grows, like the songs of Julianna Barwick, which by their synth/vocal-looping definition are consistently growing melodically and texturally to great ethereal heights. With heavy reverb and vocals that often reflect mood more than lyrical message, Barwick’s songs can feel as though they’re rising from the deepest bed of the ocean. Her newest, Will, delves deeper into those dark turfs; distinct piano bass lines and synth (“See, Know” and “Nebula”) rise with Barwick’s falsetto rounds, like iridescent breaking waves. Songs like “Someway” seem to expand rather than build, feeling like they might rest in ambient territory all while subtly taking on a realized shape. Do yourself a favor and put in some time.